Lessons to Teach from the SolarWinds and Colonial Pipeline Cyber Attacks

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In 2020, SolarWinds, a network monitoring software company, suffered a serious security breach.

More recently, a ransomware attack on the Colonial Pipeline caused serious disruptions in the gas supplies across the U.S. Northeast.

Join cybersecurity response experts Che Bhatia, Vice President of Cyber Resilience at Stroz Friedberg, an AON company, and Jarrett Kolthoff, Chief Executive Officer at SpearTip as they break down why these massive breaches happened, talk about the ripple effect these attacks are having across the hacking community, explain the reactions of the cybersecurity industry, and give advice on what you can do to increase your cybersecurity game.
Free, Virtual Webinar
Lessons from the SolarWinds and Colonial Pipeline Cyber Attacks


Webinar  |   July 9  |  9–10 a.m. CST


This free webinar will cover:
•  How nation-wide spycraft was used on an industrial scale to conduct the breach
•  The increasing sophistication of ransomware used in cybercrime
•  Ways in which attacks are changing as a result of the SolarWinds/Colonial strategies
•  How the breach is driving changes in the cybersecurity insurance business
•  Tools and policies you can use to adapt to the new threat reality


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Meet the presenters:

Chetan (Che) Bhatia

Vice President Cyber Resilience & Engagement Management
Global Aon Cyber Solutions

Che Bhatia is responsible for helping clients proactively manage the cyber and enterprise risk and leads digital forensics, cybercrime, data breach, compliance, electronic discovery and business intelligence and investigations matters.

Prior to joining Aon in 2017, Chetan served as the Chief Technology Officer at Data Partner, Inc. In this role, he was responsible for the technical vision, strategy and roadmap for the organization. He was also a cyber-security consultant for Advance Resources and Consultants, a firm made up of former senior-level government and military officers, where he conducted cyber security risk assessments for organizations awarded federal government contracts. He also worked for Nexum, where he served in a variety of roles such as business development director and practice manager and was responsible for the project management and network/security engineering teams. Before joining Nexum, he worked at Hewitt Associates and Aon, where he deployed and administered security controls and was part of a team that maintained the network security infrastructure protecting the PII of over 75% of the Fortune 500 organizations.

Bhatia also serves as an adjunct instructor the Sever Institute at Washington University in St. Louis.



Jarrett Kolthoff

President and CEO of SpearTip

Jarrett Kolthoff is founder and CEO of SpearTip, a cyber counterintelligence firm that combines proprietary technology and extensive expertise to respond to cyber threats and protect organizations around-the-clock. He has over 20 years of experience in the Information Security field.  As a former Special Agent – U.S. Army Counterintelligence, he has experience in cyber investigations, counterintelligence, and fusion cell analysis that assist SpearTip’s clients to identify, assess, neutralize, and exploit the threats leveled against their corporation. His civil case work has included investigations in anti-trust lawsuits, embezzlement, collusion, theft of intellectual property and corporate espionage. He has testified in civil cases as an expert computer forensic witness in depositions and in the U.S. Federal Court – Eastern District of Missouri and has acted as a liaison between companies and law enforcement agencies.

He has led assignments throughout the U.S. with both national and international corporations and continues to serve his community through board service and membership with the Associate of Former Intelligence Officers (AFIO), Espionage Research Institute International (ERII) and the St. Louis Chapters of InfraGard and International High Technology Crime Investigation Assoc. (HTCIA).

Kolthoff also serves as an adjunct instructor the Sever Institute at Washington University in St. Louis.