A3 Problem Solving

Graphic illustrating problem solving

A3 Problem Solving Defined

Most teams don’t collaborate as strategically as they could, particularly around problem solving. Meetings conclude with ideas and tasks that are half-baked, focusing on solution implementation without ever really aligning the issues around the details. With the lack of clarity, projects stall out and get reworked. Communication and efforts sag. Sound familiar?

Using the A3 problem-solving methodology provides focus to the issue and ensures consistency across problem solving or continuous improvement initiatives.


Webinar  |  August 4  |  8–9 a.m. CST


This free, virtual webinar will cover:

__  What is A3 problem solving and how can it support an organization

__  Common mistakes using A3 problem solving and how to overcome them

__  Strategies and examples of A3 problem solving in action

Join performance improvement expert Leroy Love as he explains A3. Learn how the A3 process approach to problem-solving can improve results, streamline communication and drive organizational learning, shifting the culture of the business towards performance excellence.

Meet our presenter:


Leroy Love

Director, Performance Improvement
St. Louis Children's Hospital

Leroy Love is the Program Director of the Health Care Operational Excellence Program at Washington University in St. Louis. As director, he guides the faculty, oversees all aspects of the curriculum and is the point of contact for external and internal partnerships for the Health Care Operational Excellence program. In addition to serving as a program director in the Sever Institute, he is also an adjunct faculty member for St. Louis University’s Master of Health Administration program.

Currently, Leroy serves as Director of the Performance Excellence department at St. Louis Children’s Hospital. The department provides consultation to help clinical and administrative teams provide care and service more efficiently and effectively. Love brings over 20 years of experience in the execution of continuous performance improvements projects. He is a certified Six Sigma Master Black Belt and has expertise in supply chain management, process engineering, business intelligence and regulatory compliance with several organizations including the FDA, EPA, OSHA, DEA and Joint Commission.

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