It’s not about leaders, it’s about leadership

The Technical Leadership Certificate delivers techniques to motivate and inspire, tools to manage conflict and strategies to lead through influence. Complete 11 courses to earn the certificate or customize the series to fit your needs.

The leadership certificate can be completed in as little as six months, and each competency group can be completed in three to five months. If you miss a course, your progress will be maintained.


Required Courses: 6 courses are required so that you have exposure to key information that is critical to the success of every leader:

Five additional course options: Take at least 1 in each competency group below: 

Communication (Choose 1 of 2):

Coaching (Choose 1 of 3):

Performance Management (Choose 1 of 3):

Change Management (Choose 1 of 4):

Conflict Management (Choose 1 of 4):

Each course will introduce the topic at hand, allow you to learn from others, practice with your peers, and culminate with an individual action plan to implement your new behaviors in the workplace. You will learn a skill, apply it, and build your skill set over the course of this series, which can be completed in as little as six months.  If you miss a course, your records and progress will be maintained, and you can complete the series over time.


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